Time for Reflection on Strategic Planning for Student Success

As the winter semester draws to a close with finals week, it is a time for reflection for administrators and faculty for improving student success processes for next year. Here are five questions that may be useful.

1) What processes went right and what processes need to be improved? How can we better measure them?
2) What curricula changes are needed?
3) What training is needed to help faculty engage more with students in their classrooms and to use quality tools to help them assess how well students are learning? How can technology be used more effectively in the classroom?
4) What student support functions need to be reviewed and improved?
5) How do we design a seamless and integrated approach to student success? How do we help freshmen and transfer students with their transition? As a first impression, do students see our staff as helpful or as a maze of offices to visit? How do we help upperclassmen complete their degree?