Transition Courses- A Strategy that Works

Dr. Terry Holliday, Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education recently posted a blog entry about student success and helping students to reach college-ready achievement levels.

He indicated that some Kentucky high schools offer transition courses to students that are within 3 points of being considered as college-ready (19.0 on the ACT Math test or 20.0 on the ACT Reading test).  Of those students who took the transition courses, the pass rate was over 90%. Passing the course is an indication of achievement of the college-ready ACT benchmarks.  The 90% pass rate is great news for the success of this program.   

More school systems should consider offering transition courses.  As Dr. Holliday points out, less than 30% of the students in Kentucky who could benefit from the transition courses are enrolling in them.  The first year in college and especially the first semester moves so fast that this strategy may enable otherwise under-prepared students to have an academically successful first year in college.