Future Reading: Systems Thinking in K-12 Education

My colleague Franklin Schargel has written a blog that highlights Dr. Lee Jenkins' book, Optimizing Your School: It's All About the Strategy.   I have been planning on writing a recommendation of this book in this blog so I was delighted to see Franklin's blog.  I want to take this opportunity to say I agree with Franklin and recommend Dr. Jenkins' book.   

Please read Franklin Schargel's blog here

As Franklin indicates in his blog, Optimizing Your School suggests a systems approach for successful student learning. This approach encompasses a student-focused culture and inclusiveness.  As an advocate for continuous improvement in education, I especially like the discussions on continuous strategic improvement leadership.  The discussions of related processes, teamwork and use of simple visual displays in the classroom are icing on the cake.  

Definitely, recommended reading!  

Joyful reading!

Cindy Veenstra, PhD, ASQ Fellow