Published Article on State and Regional Baldrige Programs

State and regional Baldrige programs provide the networking and tools that support organizations in improving their performance excellence and achieving recognition for a state Baldrige award.  Many of these organizations go on to become recipients of the prestigious Baldrige National Quality Award. 

I am delighted to announce that Julie Furst-Bowe and I have published an article titled “Stately Manner” in the April 2017 issue of ASQ’s Quality Progress.   A link to the article is at:

This article describes the success of the state and regional Baldrige programs and the collaborative Alliance for Performance Excellence.  It highlights the process of applying for the state or regional Baldrige award with a discussion of the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence's award program for the state of Wisconsin.  The article especially guides the reader on how to get started and some free resources for self-assessment in Baldrige thinking.

I hope that the article encourages more organizations to start their Baldrige journey in continuous improvement and performance excellence.  The state and regional programs provide an excellent resource often overlooked by organizations seeking to improve their excellence. 

I especially was motivated to write this article in the hope that more schools and colleges will network with their state or regional Baldrige programs to continue their journals in educational excellence.

Have a Successful and Rewarding Baldrige Experience!

  NIST photo

  NIST photo


Cindy Veenstra, PhD, ASQ Fellow