Our Services 

Innovating for Improved STEM Student Success and Degree Completion

Assessments for Improved First Year Outcomes

  • Application of the Veenstra STEM Student Retention Model to the assessment of first-year STEM student retention issues, especially for low-income students in engineering/technology.  The assessments enable improved strategic planning for student success. 
  • High school and college assessments to support and improve STEM student learning outcomes and retention in the STEM fields. 
  • Math course assessment for improved student performance.   

Consulting for Improved STEM Student Retention Results

  • Research-based strategic planning for improved STEM degree completion rates 
  • Student retention consulting for under-represented groups including women in engineering and economically disadvantaged students in STEM
  • Traditional Lean Six Sigma to streamline university operational and academic areas for improved student success and educational experiences
  • Baldrige Education Criteria consulting on college-level systems-thinking for improved student success effectiveness

Consulting with Industry

  • Consulting and best practices on successful industry-education partnerships for internship/co-op programs and transition to the workforce. Focus on student learning and improved confidence in STEM/engineering careers.
  • Consulting on programs that mentor women in STEM careers. 
  • Consulting on the use of Lean Six Sigma and Baldrige Framework/Continuous Improvement thinking to improve the STEM workforce pipeline in partnerships between industry and education.